Christine H., Boston, MA

I can’t thank you and the team you sent out today enough. The guys did an excellent job, wow! I’m very impressed and deeply appreciative for your company’s help with this project.

Thanks again,

Bob G.

Mat, the combination of the vehicle and the lift has been a godsend. Laurie had to be taken to the hospital the day after the lift was installed. With the availability of the lift I was able to get back and forth to the hospital as well as get around inside. The lift paid for itself during those few days. I even went to a supermarket by myself for the first time in over five years. If the lift and the vehicle continue to perform as they have as of late my life will have dramatically changed for the better. Thanks!

Dr. AnDreya, Boston, MA

Dear Christine – I just want to thank you so much for your very professional and exceedingly attentive focus on helping me find repair on my outdoor lift chair! I am virtually held prisoner in my home without a working lift chair as there is a full set of stairs; and I am not ambulatory. It was such a comfort to speak with you from the moment I got you on the phone to our last conversation where you gave me your most excellent referral. I made so many calls, and you were the only person who really cared about helping me! People don’t realize how upsetting (much less dangerous) it is to be trapped in one’s home. Your wholehearted interest, combined with your professionalism and kindness; your willingness to do research to find a remedial solution to my unusual dilemma of hardly having necessary information due to my stuck lift chair cover was truly exemplary. You are indeed an asset to your company! I hope your supervisors are aware of what a stellar employee they have in their midst, and deserve commendation for hiring you as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your time and energy; particularly upon discovering that your company does not service my model chair….in referring me to Mr. Barr who is here as I write this. The expediency with which you set this all up for me is quite remarkable! I will be sure to remember you and to refer colleagues, clients and friends to 101 Mobility for purchase of lift chairs. As a Doctor in this geographical location, I am only too pleased to find a company that cares enough to hire such a caring, knowledgeable, and effective representative such as yourself! Please pass this email on to your supervisor, if you would…..I very much want you to get the recognition you so deserve. Again, my heartfelt thanks.

D. Johnson & J. Belarosa

Dear Christine & Mary Lynn – Thank you very much for everything. We are very grateful for your guys and yourselves. The look on my cousin’s face when she saw the lift was done will last me a lifetime of joy. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you and 101 Mobility.

Joe & Rose, Lexington, KY

To 101 Mobility – Thank you for being there when we needed you! Until we found your ad online, I was essentially a prisoner in my own home. A serious accident made me non-weight bearing and there seemed to be few options to getting where I needed to go (like doctor’s appointments). I called, you came quickly, assessed our needs, installed the necessary ramps and got me out! I have already recommended you to others and will continue to do so! Again, thank you.

Dunham Family, Boston, MA

On 10-18-2013 you installed a ramp system at the home of my son, who was afflicted with pancreatic cancer and died 12-14-2013. Your people who installed the ramp were very pleasant, competent and helpful. The ramp was in place for more than a month’s time and we were anticipating an additional charge for that time. Today, my son Allen received a call from you stating that the ramp upon return was in very good condition and due to the suddenness of David’s death, there would be no additional charge. The purpose of this letter is to express to you our great fulness as a family for your kindness and you can be sure that we have and would recommend 101 mobility to anyone with such need.

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